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Featured: Big Announcement from InSession Film

Starting February 17, 2013, we'll be starting something new! Check it out below!

Featured: Cinemark hosting Oscar Marathon

Last year was an incredible year for movies and it's shown by the nine films nominated for Best Picture at The Oscars. Every single one of them deserves the nomination and it'll...

Special Review: Top Gun IMAX 3-D

Director: Tony Scott Writers: Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr. Stars: Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards, Val Kilmer Synopsis: As students at the Navy's elite fighter weapons school compete to be the best in the...

Featured: InSession Film Writer – Matthew

Greetings sports' fans? No. Wait. Wrong demographic. I mean, what's the haps cinephiles? Much better. I'm Matthew Mason. I have an unique predilection for stories caught on film. I can tell you most...

Featured: InSession Film Writer – Nate

Hey there, movie peeps! My name is Nate Parsons and I'd like to welcome you to our new blog where we will be discussing anything and everything movie related. I have always enjoyed...

Featured: InSession Film Writer – JD

Hello movie fans! I want to welcome you to our new site where we will be discussing all the ins and outs of movies. My name is JD Duran and I've been a...

Welcome to InSession

Class is InSession! Welcome to the newest movie blog that will bring you everything you'd want to know or read about when it comes to movies and film! Rather it's action, comedies, romantic...