Sponsor: Koffee Kult

We’d like to thank Koffee Kult for being a sponsor of the InSession Film Podcast!

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Koffee Kult is a coffee roaster who specializes in roasting the best coffee you’ve ever had. They source only specialty-grade Arabica coffee beans from over 50 countries around the world. They inspect each coffee bean and only select the highest grade to ensure premium quality in every single batch. They also roast to order, meaning that your coffee is never sitting around and getting stale. Every bag of coffee is guaranteed to be extremely fresh.

Additionally, Koffee Kult only partners with farms that pay its workers, especially women, fairly and equally. It is important to them that they source all coffee ethically. So, not only is it the best quality possible, but it’s coming from a place of moral transparency.

Simply put, Koffee Kult cares about its community. They care about the farms they partner with and how they’re workers are treated. And they simply roast the best tasting coffee on the planet. If that’s something that interests you, go check them out. They have a great variety of blends and single origin coffees! Go to koffeekult.com today and get 15% OFF with the code: ISF. Thanks again to Koffee Kult for their support the InSession Film Podcast.