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Podcast: Aaron Eckhart Is Better Than I, Frankenstein – Ep. 51 Bonus Content

Podcast: Aaron Eckhart Is Better Than I, Frankenstein – Ep. 51 Bonus Content

On Episode 51 of our InSession Film Podcast, when we were discussing the films we saw last week, I brought up Aaron Eckhart’s I, Frankenstein. Well, the discussion turned into something a little different and we ended up discussing why Aaron Eckhart is a good actor and needs to be picking better projects. While Battle LA was okay, it’s arguably some of his best work in the last few years, which is a little disappointing. He can be really good when he has the right cast around him and the project will showcase his skills in the right way (cough, cough, The Dark Knight).

He wasn’t terrible in last year’s Olympus Has Fallen but that movie overall is a huge joke. He needs to seek out roles where he can shine, much like he did in The Dark Knight, or even his role in Erin Brokovich, which was very good. Granted Rabbit Hole wasn’t terrible, but Erased and Love Happens are other examples of projects that never showcase his real talent. What do you think about Aaron Eckhart? Do you agree with us or do you think we are crazy to think this?

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