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Movie News: Bumblebee is going old-school in new Transformers film

Bumblebee is going back to his old-school roots for Transformers 4.

We recently got some photos of a redesigned Optimus Prime and two other Autobots, and today we got a photo of Sam Witwicky’s favorite sidekick, courtesy of Michael Bumblebee is now a highly modified, vintage 1967 Camaro SS.

When Bay signed on for Transformers 4 – a reboot of sorts for the series – Bay said the Autobots and Decepticons would be getting a makeover. So far they’re just getting sleeker and aren’t much different. But we’ll see what we get a glimpse of their robot forms.


Transformers 4 comes out on June 27, 2014.

Nate pretends to be a movie connoisseur but in reality he really knows nothing about movies other than the fact that he loves them. His favorites include The Shawshank Redemption, Braveheart and Schindler's List. Follow him on Twitter @nater_parsons

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