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Movie News: A Sequel to The Purge is Happening

Movie News: A Sequel to The Purge is Happening

For whatever reason, The Purge is getting a sequel.

Actually, there is a reason a follow-up is happening: The Purge opened this weekend at the top spot of the box office with $34 million – over 10 times as much as the film’s budget.

So The Purge 2: Purge Harder (just kidding!) is happening, as Universal and producer Jason Blum are going to work.

We thought the Ethan Hawke-starring film was better than expected but missed out on a lot of opportunities exploring the idea of The Purge itself. I think this is something that could be addressed in a sequel as it’s an event that is very sprawling with many different elements and characters that could be visited and different routes that could be taken.

Nate pretends to be a movie connoisseur but in reality he really knows nothing about movies other than the fact that he loves them. His favorites include The Shawshank Redemption, Braveheart and Schindler's List. Follow him on Twitter @nater_parsons

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