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Featured: Three Reasons Why Man of Steel Won’t Disappoint

Featured: Three Reasons Why Man of Steel Won’t Disappoint

Man of Steel comes out this Thursday and the marketing for this film has been some of the best I’ve ever seen. The trailers haven’t revealed a ton plot wise but has shown that there will be lots of epic action. However, 2013 didn’t have the greatest of starts and we’ve been let down by some major films this year we thought were going to be big hits. Iron Man 3 and Pain & Gain were two films I was really looking forward to that didn’t live up to what I was hoping for by any means. Other sci-fi films such as Oblivion and After Earth also were let downs, although I did enjoy Oblivion for the most part. That being said, here are three reasons why Man of Steel will live up to the expectations and will most likely be the best action/sci-fi movie of the year.

1) A Coming of Age

This Superman film is going to be unlike any we’ve ever seen before which will rejuvenate this franchise while creating news fans in the process. This will be a story of Superman back on his home planet, what happens to him and his people and how he ends up on earth. We’re going to learn a lot more about where he comes and how that impacts who he is. His real father, played by Russell Crowe, looks to have a big impact on him and who he is to become. That being said, I haven’t seen it yet but I based off all the marketing we’ve seen that’s the sense I get. And who doesn’t love that? This will not just be all action folks, but we are more than likely to get a really great story. Speaking of that…

2) Christopher Nolan

Nolan produced this film and I tend to trust anything he puts his hands too. And Warner Bros. apparently does too as they gave up a lot to be a part of his new film, Interstellar. That beings said, whatever part Nolan played on this film is important and I’m sure was heavy in guiding Zack Snyder to create a wonderful story. I’ve never seen any film that Nolan had a hand in and left thinking, “That was terrible”. Warner Bros. has already moved on to making the sequel too, which is just another indicator that this film turned out great. I understand that Snyder directed this and it will be his shoulders on which this rises or falls, but Nolan as a producer doesn’t hurt you at all. I trust both of them.

1) Incredible Themes

Based off the marketing and from the few reviews I’ve read, the main reason I’m excited for this is the incredible themes this movie will have. This will be a story of hope, learning your place in a strange world and who you are supposed to be. It’ll be masked in action sequences and super hero stuff (which will be a lot of fun!) but don’t miss the underlying themes here. At some point in all of our lives, we have to learn and figure out who we are and what we want to do in this world. Perhaps someday you’ll get to be Superman and get to save the world. Either way, hope is just around the corner and I suspect that’s something you’ll be able to get out of this movie. It’s a fun metaphor that I’m looking forward to seeing.

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