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Oscar Review: Wreck-It Ralph (Best Animated)

Oscar Review: Wreck-It Ralph (Best Animated)

Director: Rich Moore
Writers: Rich Moore, Phil Johnston, Jim Reardon
Stars: John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch

Synopsis: A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives.

Rich Moore, who’s mostly known for TV, does an absolutely incredible job with Wreck-It Ralph. The visuals used in this are incredible and used stunningly. The video game references are top-notch, funny, and perfectly used. The story he takes us down is fun and exciting and he pieces this movie together masterfully. The voice actors are great in this movie and Moore puts together maybe my favorite music ever from an animated film. You see video game references from Mario Brothers, Pacman, and so much more. The video game innuendos are all over the place and it’s hysterical. I couldn’t have been more pleased. This movie has already won a lot of animated awards already, as it should, and Moore had a lot to do with it.

Grade: A+

The script for this movie is incredibly intelligent. The use of other video characters draws your interest immediately and it creates a story that we all can relate to. We all want to fit in and have a group of friends and this journey takes you down Ralph’s story of acceptance and love. In the middle of his journey, he meets up with an unlikely companion and I love how they play that off. The candy and science references are genius. There’s even a really good twist toward the end that I thought was written very well and you may not see coming. The dialogue was funny and the stores were really well thought out. It was slightly cheesy at times, but in a good way and what you’d expect from a kids film.

Grade: A+

John C. Reilly is amazing as Ralph in this film. He was perfect for the character and you could tell he was really invested in the part. He does a great job of drawing emotion and using it in his voice. If anyone else played Felix besides Jack McBrayer, I don’t think this film works as well. If you’ve seen Jack McBrayer in any of his other films, you know what I’m talking about. His awkward humor and soft voice was perfect. I absolutely loved it. Jane Lynch was also great as Calhoun and was another perfect cast. As a mean-spirited, hot-tempered, trash-talking character, would you really want anyone else there? I didn’t think so. I didn’t really care for Sarah Silverman as Vanellope though. I may be biased as I’m already not a huge fan of Silverman, but it didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t the worst of Silverman by any means and it didn’t ruin the performances or characters. I think someone else could of done a better job though.

Grade: A

Henry Jackman is a name that you want to get familiar with when it comes to music in Hollywood. The composer who did X-Men: First Class, is at his very best in his score for this film. The score to Wreck-It Ralph may be my absolute favorite of 2012 and is so much fun to listen to. The light, video game-y tones bring out my inner child and it’s awesome. It brings such a happy feeling to you when you listen to it and you can’t help but love it and have fun with this music. It absolutely brought a high energy, fun element to this movie that made it what it is. The soundtrack also got help from Skrillex, Owl City, and Buckner & Garcia that made this soundtrack one of the best of 2012.

Grade: A+

Overall Grade: A+


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