Thursday, July 18, 2024

Announcement: ‘Chasing the Gold’ Awards Coverage

Hello everyone! I hope you’re staying safe during these difficult times due to COVID-19. As many of you know, I was recently announced as the associate editor for InSession Film. This is my first piece for the site since this big news, and I want to publicly thank JD Duran for entrusting me with this monumental task. I hope to make him and our fantastic staff proud as their new editor.

Speaking of staff, over the last two weeks, we put out a search for writers to join our already talented team. The goal of this was, as always, to give writers a platform to talk about anything they wanted—the freedom to express themselves in every piece published on this website. Many people inquired, and after much discussion, we landed on 15 people we think will bring a new voice to the future of InSession Film.

But what is a future without a little change? As you may know, we provide quality podcasts each week on the Main Show and Extra Film. In my spare time, I also host our Oscar show, Chasing the Gold. The response to those episodes from all of you has warmed our hearts. And with every download, you’ve made it clear just how much you love the show. But at InSession Film, we’re always looking to do more.

That is why, starting next week, Chasing the Gold will no longer be just a podcast; it will be the umbrella for all of InSession Film’s written awards season coverage. Many of our staff are looking forward to writing articles about the current and past Oscar races, as well as joining me on the podcast to talk about all the latest events that occur this fall and early 2021.

From the moment I pitched JD the idea for Chasing the Gold, I never thought we would come this far. But with our hardworking team by our side, we can make this dream a reality. Look for the first pieces of ‘Chasing the Gold’ coverage to drop next week as well as a new episode of the podcast. Thank you all for reading this and let the chase begin.

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