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Poll: What is your favorite Planet of the Apes movie?

Poll: What is your favorite Planet of the Apes movie?

This weekend could be one of the most exciting, if not *the* most exciting weekend of the year so far with the release of War for the Planet of the Apes coming to theaters. We are big fans of both Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, so our anticipation for War is already high. And then the early reviews / buzz came out for the film and…wow…this film cannot get here fast enough. If War is as good as critics say, this trilogy will end up being one of the best blockbuster trilogies of all-time (at least, if you ask us).

However, the Planet of the Apes franchise goes far beyond Andy Serkis and Caesar. The original 1968 Planet of the Apes is a classic in its own right, with one of the most iconic endings ever captured on film. The sequels to follow are more hit or miss, but we decided to leave them in the poll in case there are individual who do love them for what they are.

All of that said, be sure to cast your vote and leave any further comments in the comment section below.

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