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Podcast: The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Top 3 Comic Book Villains, May Preview – Episode 63

***Our apologies as we had some white noise interference that caused the recording to sound a little weird throughout. So sorry if it’s distracting, it wasn’t that noticeable during the recording.

This week on the InSession Film Podcast, Eric from The Movie Waffler joins us as we discuss the latest film from the web-slinger, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Going off of that, we give our Top 3 Comic Book Movie Villains, given the fact that there’s plenty to choose from in the Spider-Man universe. And we finish off the show giving a May preview and what you can expect at the box office this month. We did do our Movies We’ve Seen This Week segment, however due to time, we put that after the credits of the show.

Eric was a great guest and given the amount of films he see’s each week, his knowledge of film is expansive and deep. He was also excited to talk about Spidey, given the fact it’s been hit or miss from critics. And good news as Blake was able to be back this week after a short stint back in the hospital. Blake is our comic purist on the show too, so this film is right up his alley and it was a good welcome back for Blake!

Anyway, check out the show and have fun listening to this week’s podcast. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and thanks for listening!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Review (6:01)
    JD: B+
    Blake: B+
    Eric: B+

Top 3 Comic Book Villains (39:19)
If you’ve seen Spidey 2 or if you heard the news surrounding this film, you’ll know that the movie was full of bad guys with the intentions of villain spin-off movies that will eventually lead to a Sinister Six film. So, since Sony is set on bad guy heaven, we decided to look into our Top 3 Comic Book Movie Villains, which was a lot of fun scouring through nostalgia figuring out which villains have made an impression over the years. And let me tell you, there’s a lot of good one’s (pun intended) to choose from. That being said, what would be your Top 3?


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May Movie Preview (1:05:54)
Last week we looked into the Summer of 2014 as a whole, which looks great, and May is the month that kicks things off in HUGE ways. May has more weekends than normal and each weekend looks to be pretty exciting. This should (and hopefully it lives up) be a fantastic month for summer movies.
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    Million Dollar Arm
    X-Men: Days of Future Past
    A Million Days to Die in the West

Of course we didn’t cover every film in May but went over the big one’s we are most excited about. What movies in May are you looking forward to?

– Movies We’ve Seen This Week
(After credits)
    JD: The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Unknown Known, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, Oculus, Syriana, Blue Ruin, Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Neighbors
    Blake: The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Counselor
    Eric: Ilo Ilo, Blue Ruin, In Bloom, Plastic, Frank, The Two Faces of January, In Secret, A Thousand Times Goodnight

– Music

    I’m Spider-Man – Hans Zimmer
    Spider-Man Main Titles – Danny Elfman
    Sub Lift – Henry Jackman
    The Return of the Eagle – Atli Örvarsson

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InSession Film Podcast – Episode 63


Next week on the show:
    Main Review – TBD
    Top 3 – TBD
    Movie Discussion – TBD


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JD Duran
JD Duran
InSession Film founder and owner. I love film. Love art. Love how it intersects with our real lives. My favorite movies include Citizen Kane, The 400 Blows, Modern Times, The Godfather and The Tree of Life. Follow me on Twitter @RealJDDuran. Follow us @InSessionFilm.

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  1. Hey guys, OptimusSolo from GeekCastRadio. Been listening to a few of your podcasts lately to try to get some more movie podcast reviewers thoughts on some of 2014s films. Really enjoyed your recent Sin City episode as well as the Under the Skin episode you guys did. I find myself at odds with most people about ASM2 so I wanted to check out this episode. Hopefully you guys don’t take this the wrong way but this episode is really hard to listen to. I actually had to stop it about 25% of the way in. I assume you guys recorded this on separate audio channels and then spliced them all together for the final product. Sometimes this can be a fine way to edit a podcast but in this instance it really hurt the listen-ability of the discussion. One of you has a crisp clear recording for all of your tracks, the second has a distinct buzz and the third has a tinny effect to it and when its altogether its rather jolting to the ears to go from one to the other, to the other repeatedly. Also, somehow it also took away from the discussion and made it almost sound like you weren’t even recording at the same time. Like someone recorded themselves asking questions and then the others recorded their answers and it got edited together to make it appear to be a conversation. I am in no way saying you did this but it sounds more less like a conversation then the other episodes I listened to. Trying not to be overly critical but I always like hearing constructive criticism for my podcasts so hopefully you can appreciate my intentions and do with this information what you will. Keep up the work though guys, incredible how many films you find the time to record for!!

    • Hey man, thanks for listening, really appreciate it! As for the recording, we always record our guests via Skype and sometimes we get rough audio depending on the set up of our guests. I’d say most of the time though, it usually works out okay, but I feel ya on this, since the audio was a bit rough. And my co-host, who’s usually in studio with me, was out of town that weekend so we had two tracks being recorded over Skype that wasn’t set up for the best audio. Like I said tho, we try to avoid that and set it up best we can. Sorry it was hard to listen to and I appreciate the feedback. Since then, both my co-hosts know that we record in-studio with good mics for great audio quality. And for our guests, we try to set it up the best we can and most of the time it works out well. The quality does make a difference and it’s been a big part of our DNA from day 1. But yeah man, thanks again for listening, it’s very much appreciated and thanks again for the feedback. I take all of that to heart and will be aware of it!

      • Sounds good – As I could kind of tell since I didn’t notice it at all on the Under the Skin or Sin City records I figured the problem had already been corrected! No worries! Keep up the good work!

        • Thanks man, appreciate it! But if you notice anything else or if something seems of, always feel free to let me know. I appreciate it!

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