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Podcast: Only Yesterday, Top 3 Studio Ghibli Films, Breathless – Episode 177

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This week on the InSession Film Podcast, instead of discussing The Secret Life of Pets, we decided to discuss another animated film in Studio Ghibli’s Only Yesterday, which finally got a theatrical release in the U.S., 25 years after its initial Japanese debut. Going off of that, for our Top 3, we discussed our favorite Studio Ghibli films and we finally started our French New Wave movie series as we review Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 film, Breathless.

For this show we were joined by the lovely Shannon Strucci from Strucci Movies on YouTube and she was absolutely wonderful. We loved hearing her love for Studio Ghibli as well as some great irony she brought to our review of Breathless. If you’re a fan of Studio Ghibli, we really hope you enjoy this show as put a lot of passion into our banter this week.

On that note, check out the show and let us know what you think in the comment section. Thanks for listening and thanks for supporting the InSession Film Podcast!

Only Yesterday Movie Review (7:24)
Brendan: A-
JD: A-
Shannon: A

Top 3 Studio Ghibli Films (38:30)
As mentioned above, and as you’ll hear on the show, we are huge fans of Studio Ghibli and the brilliance they’ve brought us over the years. Their films have featured such grand mystical worlds, captivating characters, lush animation and some of the most emotional experience we’ve ever seen in animation. Studio Ghibli has not only impacted the world of animation but they’ve given us some of the best films of all-time, period. Their filmography, in our opinion, is just as rich and deep as Pixar (whom we also adore). On that note, what would be your top 3?

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– French New Wave Movie Series: Breathless (1:28:43)
Brendan: A
JD: B-
Shannon: C-

– Music

Main Theme (Only Yesterday) – Katz Hoshi
The Legend of Ashitaka – Joe Hisaishi
New York Herald Tribune – Martial Solal
The Return of the Eagle – Atli Örvarsson

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InSession Film Podcast – Episode 177


Next week on the show:

Main Review: Ghostbusters
Top 3: TBD
French New Wave Series: The 400 Blows



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