Friday, June 9, 2023

Podcast: Godzilla vs. Kong / Top 3 Monster Brawls – Episode 424

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This week on the InSession Film Podcast, we discuss the epic battle that is Godzilla vs. Kong and our Top 3 monster brawls in film! Plus, a few passionate thoughts on the Netflix comedy Bad Trip.

The new MonsterVerse may not be a groundbreaker in terms of quality, but it’s been a fun thrill ride for the most part. Godzilla and Kong are two of the most iconic characters in cinema, and at the very least, it’s compelling when they’re on screen. The series had been building to this moment and it’s one fans have been anticipating. Us included. And we a had a blast talking about the film and all of its bombastic glory. Monster brawls was also a lot of fun as well.

On that note, check out this week’s show and let us know what you think in the comment section. Thanks for listening and for supporting the InSession Film Podcast!

– Movie Review: Godzilla vs. Kong (8:19)
Director: Adam Wingard
Writers: Terry Rossio (story), Michael Dougherty (story), Zach Shields (story), Eric Pearson (screenplay), Max Borenstein (screenplay)
Stars: Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall

– Notes / Bad Trip / I Care A Lot (1:10:17)
While Godzilla vs. Kong dominated theaters and HBO Max over the weekend, it was the raunchy hidden camera movie Bad Trip that took Netflix by storm. It recieved decent reviews and most of the feedback seemed to be positive. Well, that certainly lent itself to some passionate thoughts from JD and Brendan, who also caught up with the film. Brendan also saw the Netflix drama I Care A Lot, and he gave his thoughts on that one as well.


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Top 3 Monster Brawls (1:27:14)
Who doesn’t like giant monsters fighting each other? It’s some of the most fun we’ve had in the cinema over the years. Of course, much of it is silly and over-the-top, but some of it is truly weighty and riveting. Either way, there are plenty of great monster brawls in movies to choose from for our lists. And we had fun talking about them. That said, what would be your top 3?

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– Music

Godzilla Theme – Tom Holkenborg
Kong Theme – Tom Holkenborg
Pacific Rim Theme – Ramin Djawadi
The Return of the Eagle – Atli Örvarsson

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InSession Film Podcast – Episode 424


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