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Movie News: This new clip from Pacific Rim will blow your mind

Pacific Rim is easily the movie that has had me the most excited all year and I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time. That scares me a little bit given that I’ve been disappointed by some other major films this year so I’m a little hesitant…nah what am I talking about? I’m extremely excited for this! And a new clip has emerged to make me anticipating this even more.

It may let me down like some other major sci-fi films this year but I can’t help but be thrilled for it. Giant creatures battling giant manned-robots fighting for survival on Earth in an epic-like fashion; consider me on board!

Screenwriter Travis Beacham posted a link on Twitter to this clip saying:

“This clip constitutes like 1% of the best, most sprawling action sequence I have ever seen in my life.”

If this is 1% then I can’t even imagine what the rest of this film will be like. As of right now, film writers and critics have had nothing but awesome things to say about Pacific Rim so that makes me even more excited. I guess we’ll see if that all holds up as more reviews will hit the web but as of now everyone seems to love this film and I hope that it lives up to that hype. For now, enjoy the awesomeness below!

Pacific Rim comes to us in just a few short weeks on July 12.

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