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List: Top 3 Moments of Silence

This week on Episode 268 of the InSession Film Podcast, inspired by A Quiet Place, we discussed our top 3 moments of silence in film. This is another one of those topics where your criteria is going to be important. There is a level of objectivity as far as these scenes needing a certain level of tranquility or a lack of noise, but there is a gray regarding the use of score and diagetic noises in some of these scenes. That said, we had a great conversation on this topic and we hope you enjoy these moments as much as we did. On that note, what moments or scenes would make your list? Here are the one’s that made ours:

**Please keep in mind that we each had different criteria for our selections**


1) Roy’s Goodbye – Midnight Special
2) Dawn of Man – 2001: A Space Odyssey
3) Harry’s Breakdwon – The Conversation


1) Cease Fire – Children of Men
2) Dream Sequence – Wild Strawberries
3) Cell Phone Call – The Departed


1) Clarice Enters Home of Buffalo Bill – The Silence of the Lambs
2) Velociraptors/Kitchen – Jurassic Park
3) The entirety of The Last Laugh

Honorable Mentions (Combined)

Varying scenes/moments from these films – There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men, Rififi, Pather Panchali, Ikiru, Stalker, Solaris, Vertigo, 12 Angry Men, Alien, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Play Time, Stand By Me, Wall-E, Up, Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies, Call Me By Your Name, 12 Years of Slave, The Tree of Life, Sicario, La La Land, Mission: Impossible, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Pan’s Labyrinth, Dunkirk, As It Is In Heaven

Hopefully you guys enjoyed our lists and if you agree or disagree with us, let us know in the comment section below. As stated above, this topic could go in a 1000 directions depending on how you define “silence” in film and how those moments work for you. That being said, what would be your Top 3? Leave a comment in the comment section or email us at

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JD Duran
JD Duran
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