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Interview: A Conversation with Martha Plimpton (Mass)

As I get the email from her publicist on that Wednesday afternoon saying “we’re gonna head into the zoom now, we’re running early” my hands get sweaty, my nerves start making my sweat even more than usual. I’m nervous and yet so ready to talk to Martha.

Doing some research on her and the film, I found out that we had a mutual friend, yup, turns out I am 1-degree of Martha Plimpton. I enter the zoom and the first face I see is Martha’s with a smile, her deep red glasses, and her short hair which is now a cool auburn with a gorgeous white streak in it instantly made me feel welcomed. (If they were going to cast a Sally Jessy Raphael biopic in that exact moment, winner winner chicken dinner) We greet each other with “Hello’s” and I mention before we start who our mutual is and the mood becomes even lighter and more welcoming, for a first-time press junket interview for myself, I’ve hit the jackpot. 

Mass tells the story of two couples who are bound for life due to a tragedy that one of the couple’s sons committed on the other’s son, amongst other victims. One couple birthed the killer of a mass shooting, the other birthed a victim. This is the first time that either of the couples have been face-to-face to discuss what happened. Martha plays “Gail” who from moment one of meeting her feels like a tea kettle ready to burst at any second, she is able to take a full gambit of emotions that get bottled up and then let them go slowly as the fire burns inside her. 

As Martha and I sat face to face separated by our cameras and despite this being our first time meeting the conversation flowed like two old friends catching up and it was just a joyous meeting. From giving all the (well-deserved credit) of her work here to the film’s writer/director Fran Kranz to blushing when I brought up the buzz her role is getting for an Oscar nomination, one that if nominated would be the purest definition of being earned by merit. My favorite moment of the conversation ties in with that last part there- upon mentioning that she is an Oscar Legacy already due to her father who won for 1975’s Nashville- Best Original Song and if she won she would join the rare feat of being on a list of father/daughter Oscar winners like Jane and Henry Fonda, Anjelica and John Huston, and Angelina Jolie and Jon Voigt she was left speechless trying to even imagine that idea. 

Talking with Martha Plimpton was truly a delight and I urge you to be able to check out the film when you have a chance, it is an experience that will linger in your mind for days after.

Joey Gentile
Joey Gentile
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