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Podcast: Was Jeff Bridges right about Out of the Furnace?

Podcast: Was Jeff Bridges right about Out of the Furnace?

This week on the InSession Film Podcast, we reviewed Scott Cooper’s latest Out of the Furnace. While it may not have worked for some, the simple narrative and blue-collar aesthetic worked for others. Regardless of where you sit on the fence, it’s easy to agree for everyone that the performances were absolutely incredible.

Entering this week’s podcast, Out of the Furnace was my number most anticipated film for the second half the the year. Why you ask? Well because Jeff Bridges has been promoting this movie since May! Every where he went, he kept saying, “Have you seen Out of the Furnace? It’s a great movie!” And while I have exaggerated his comments on our podcast, he was convinced for awhile it was amazing. Want proof? Here is Jennifer Lawrence talking to Jeff Bridges at Comic Con way back in July and Bridges somehow finds a moment to talk about a movie that came out in December. Also note that Jennifer Lawrence is awesome and adorable. (She’s meeting Bridges, a star she loves, for the first time)

So, I find that pretty funny. This isn’t the only video that’s out there as Bridges did this several different times. But there’s not a better video than Lawrence meeting an actor she loves and yet Bridges brings up Out of the Furnace, so that kind of endorsement was pretty intriguing to me. So on this week’s InSession Film Podcast bonus content, we dive into some fun spoilerific conversation on Out of the Furnace and we answer the question; was Jeff Bridges right? (hint: the answer may be the opposite of “no”)

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