Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Podcast: JD tells Brent and Dan they’re wrong about Lone Survivor

Well if you got a chance to listen to Episode 47 of the InSession Film Podcast, you’ll know that I argued pretty heavily with Dan, from MWire Weekly, and Brent, from BrentAllenLive.com about Lone Survivor and why it worked. The film does have it’s faults and it’s not perfect by any means, however, if you look at the goals it has and what Peter Berg is trying to do, it works on that level.

For me, the film was about brotherhood and closeness that only these SEALs know and share. It’s about the sacrifice they offer and how they fight for one another, no matter what. And this specific story, showcases that really well, when the mission went to hell. I, for one, am incredibly grateful for that. Also, we didn’t discuss this on the show, but there are special features you can watch where the families talk about how they loved what Peter Berg did, and that alone means it’s a successful film.

Either way, we recorded a fun Premium Podcast about Lone Survivor and I explained why Brent and Dan were wrong about the film. Although, they have valid criticisms and good points in their arguments.

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JD Duran
JD Duranhttps://insessionfilm.com
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