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Featured: Five (Or Six) Movie Podcasts You Should Listen To – Part 2

A couple of months ago, I did an article discussing five movie podcasts that I really liked and that I’d recommend. Well, as I mentioned in that article, it was hard to just name five as there are several more out there that are really good that I’d also recommend. And while we had some good feedback about that article, we understand that there are more to be mentioned.

Recording a podcast is one of my favorite things to do and it’s easy for me to appreciate the work and opinions of others, which is why I listen to a lot of others as well. If you like podcasts, especially movie podcasts, there are some good one’s to choose from. These five-ish I’ve mentioned here are really entertaining and will give you some great hours of pleasure to your ears. And like I mentioned in the first article, there are plenty more than these five that are listed but for the sake of sanity, these are one’s that I really enjoy and would recommend.

There is no particular order for these but just five-ish podcasts that I would recommend that you check out. That being said, let’s get into it.

First Time Watchers PodcastFirst Time Watchers

First Time Watchers is hosted by Tim, Walter and Hermano, whom all know movies well and they interact with each other really great. What’s unique about this podcast is that they pick a movie whom all of them have never seen before, new releases and older movies as well, and review them on their show. Each of them come in with a fresh perspective which gives it a unique flavor, regardless of whether the movie is new or not. They are very knowledge about film and they make show entertaining to listen to. I really enjoy the banter between them, is really great and you can tell they are all good friends.

We’ve also had the pleasure of having Tim on the show recently when we reviewed The Counselor and discussed our Top 3 Horror Movies That Scared Us. Be sure to go and check that out.

Find First Time Watchers on iTunes.


Cinema Jaw podcastCinemaJaw

The CinemaJaw podcast is hosted by RyTheMovieGuy and Matt Kubinski and the first thing you’ll notice is that Ry and Matt never agree on anything. The show is very entertaining to listen to and you’ll love the banter between the two, ultimately always leaving you to pick which side to be on. They review new films each week as well as give Top 5 lists, movie trivia and more. CinemaJaw is structured pretty similar to ours and it’s very engaging which makes it very easy to listen to. If you’re looking for a podcast to have fun with, this is a good one.

The awesome guys from CinemaJaw joined us not long ago as we reviewed Thor: The Dark World and discussed our Top 3 Comic Book Adaptation Movies. Check it out!

Find CinemaJaw on iTunes.


The Q FilmcastThe Q Filmcast

The Q Filmcast features James, Matt, Max, Michael and Adam who all bring their own uniqueness the the show. What makes this podcast so unique, is that they have a very strong focus and niche. They discuss films solely on Netflix. Each week they take some of the new or more interesting films on Netflix to review and it gives a great sense of what to see on Netflix. You can spend a lot of time shuffling through all the movies that Netflix offers, so these guys break it all down for you so you’re never wasting time. They also have some great Top 3 segments as well as other fun banter that make their show a lot of fun.

We plan on having a couple of these guys on our podcast here pretty shortly and eventually would love to have them all on at some point. It’s a great podcast and is highly recommended, especially if you have Netflix of course.

Find The Q Filmcast on iTunes.


MWIRE podcastMWIRE Podcast

The MWIRE (Movie Week In Review) Podcast is a show that is part of the Geekscast Radio Network which features some really great podcasts. MWIRE is one of them and is a show that breaks down the latest releases as well as discuss the latest box office results and movie news that has the internet going crazy. This is a great show if you want to keep up with all the latest rumblings in the film world as well as get a good perspective on the latest films in theaters. MWIRE is run by Dan, Kevin and Mike who all make the podcast great and fun to listen to.

Recently, I had the extreme privelage of guesting on the MWIRE podcast where we reviewed Thor: The Dark World. It was an absolute blast and they are really good guys!

Find MWIRE on iTunes.


After Movie Diner PodcastAfter Movie Diner

The After Movie Diner (AMD) podcast is another great podcast that I enjoy listening to. This is a podcast that not only discusses new films but they also focus on older classic and cult movies. They will also discuss certain actors or directors which can sometimes go into some interesting, and usually funny, territory. The spectrum that this podcast covers is really great and it’s pretty funny. Go see some movies, get some food and then check these guys out. It’s good stuff.

These are guys I’d love to have on our show sometime and they make podcasting fun. The humor is great and it’s a fun show that covers a great variety of film.

Find Filmspotting on iTunes.


Okay, I know that’s five but I have to mention one more. This is a podcast I found not long ago after guesting on another show and I loved it!

Simplistic Reviews podcastSimplistic Reviews

The Simplistic Reviews podcast is a movie podcast that has a very unique flavor. Hosts Matt, Justin and DJ do not hold anything back when it comes to their opinions of film and TV. The show is laid back and really funny and is one you’ll for sure be entertained by. They have this segment called “F***heads” that is one of the best segments I’ve heard on any movie podcast. It’s a segment where the guys get a chance to just go off on different things within the film world that they think is well…I think you get the picture. It’s awesome.

We have plans to get these guys on our show soon and you may see some version of their segment on our show as well. It’s a highly recommended podcast.

Listen to Simplistic Reviews here.


I hope you enjoyed this list and again, I’d recommend all of these awesome movie podcasts. And as I said earlier and in Part 1 of this series, there are more podcasts that I will have to talk about in the future. If you have a film podcast, send it to me as I’d love to check them all out.

InSession Film LogoAnd of course we’d love for you to check out our podcast. You can find the InSession Film Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. You can also find our podcast on Tunein, Soundcloud and other places. Check out our subscribe page to find these links.

Let us know what you think of these podcasts and send me yours! We’d love to check them out.

JD Duran
JD Duran
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