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Featured: Anticipating Manchester By the Sea

Featured: Anticipating Manchester By the Sea

Earlier this year on Extra Film, our good friend Matt Oakes joined us to talk about this year’s Sundance Film Festival. For those that listened to that episode, you’ll know that Manchester By the Sea was the film that Matt highlighted the most. Not only did Matt, once again, predict its Oscar chances, but he even said that Casey Affleck would have a shot at Best Actor. Well, if you’ve been paying attention to Next Best Picture, you’ll know that is certainly a high possibility. Matt’s words has stuck with me all year and I’ve been excited to see the film ever since. And finally, it’s here this weekend.

Manchester By the Sea is coming to us from director Kenneth Lonergan, who only has a few directing credits to his name. He did Margaret back in 2011 and You Can Count On Me way back in 2000, which garnered a few Oscar nominations. To this point, he’s mostly known for his writing. In fact, one of those nominations for You Can Count On Me was Lonergan’s screenplay in the Best Original Screenplay category. Additionally to that, he also wrote the screenplay for Gangs of New York, in which he was nominated at the Oscars for that as well. So, clearly the dude can write pretty well and that has me very excited for this film.

As mentioned above, Casey Affleck is getting a lot of buzz for his performance here. I’m a fan of Affleck and it’s only a matter of time before he gets an Oscar on his mantle. So, the hype surrounding his work in Manchester By the Sea is fun to hear and I believe that it will live up to the bill. Along those same lines, Michelle Williams stars in this film. I’ve been on record of being a *huge* Williams fan as well, especially her work with Kelly Reichardt. There is no doubt that she will have a significant presence in this film, one way or another, and I look forward to see her banter with Affleck.

The thing that rings the loudest is that emotional prowess this film supposedly has. I’m a sucker for emotional stories, especially when highlighted by great acting and focused craftsmanship, something that seems to be defining Manchester By the Sea. In essence, this film seems to be tailored made just for me. At least on paper. Either way, I can’t wait to see and discuss this on Episode 199 this weekend.

Are you excited for Manchester By the Sea?

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