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Featured: Anticipating ‘Logan’

Featured: Anticipating ‘Logan’

To say that I’m anticipating Logan is like saying, “Ah, Moonlight is pretty decent.” Pretty decent!? Understatement of the year. That same mentality applies to how I feel about the last installment of Hugh Jackman and his Wolverine claws. It’s more than simple anticipation. I have *loved* the marketing for Logan, and as a result, the film has become one of my most anticipated of the entire year. And it’s not just the trailers (although, the one below is excellent and by far my favorite of the year so far), but it’s also the posters for the film.

This image is incredibly evocative and hints at the film’s potential pathos.

One of the biggest draws for me within the film’s marketing, is how different Logan looks and feels tonally. The gritty ambiance reminds of last year’s Hell or High Water, with a story that’s focused on a fatherly relationship to a little girl who is lost and needing guidance. They just happen to also be mutants in the X-Men Universe. If James Mangold, the director of Logan, can maintain that indie film spirit throughout, while also providing fun action in the process, this could go down as one of the year’s best films for me. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not anxious for Logan because of its genre. If Logan nails the father/daughter dynamic and keeps focused on the development of that between Logan and X-23, especially inside the gritty and dark aesthetic, this film could legitimately end up as one of my favorite films of 2017.

Last week on The Graham Norton Show, Hugh Jackman was talking about how the script for Logan moved him, and when realizing how great this movie was going to be, he knew that it was his last time playing the iconic character. Additionally, Sir Patrick Stewart mentioned that while watching Logan at the world premier with Jackman, he noticed Jackman’s emotional response to the film (and the audience), and he knew that this was his last time playing Professor X as well. It was a very affecting moment of television, emulating the brotherhood between these two actors and how genuine they were in their responses to the final product of Logan. It’s very difficult to see that and not buy into the hype.

While I don’t know anything about Dafne Keen, word on the street is that she (ahem) kills this role. I’m eager to see her play the character of X-23 and to see her chemistry with Jackman on screen. If the trailers (and posters) on any indication, there’s a good chance tears will be a floweth for me.

Speaking of, this trailer provokes a visceral response out of me.

Are you excited for Logan?

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