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Featured: Anticipating ‘Justice League’

Featured: Anticipating ‘Justice League’

Well this weekend should be interesting as we dive further into the DC Extended Universe with Justice League. As many of you already know, we’ve been mixed on the DCEU thus far, with the exception of Wonder Woman – which we really liked overall. I’m not expecting Justice League to reach those heights, but perhaps just a slight drop off would be ideal.

One of the more intriguing aspects to this film for me is its change in tone. Whether it be Warner Bros. and DC wanting to update their approach or the addition of Joss Whedon (and our hearts still go out to the Snyder family), the trailers have indicated something more lighter and funnier than what we got in Batman vs Superman or Man of Steel. While I’m certainly not against superhero films that are inherently more “serious” in nature, something about those two films did not work for me. I respect Zack Snyder’s style and thematic approach to those films, but in execution the experiences were dull and lacking coherency (and for the record – it’s more of a scripting problem for me – not Snyder’s direction). I’m not sure what changed the minds of DC’s headhanchos, but the change of pace for Justice League feels a bit refreshing.

It’s funny too (no, literally, the trailers are humorous), my favorite aspect to the film’s marketing has been newcomers Jason Mamoa and Ezra Miller as Aquaman and The Flash respectively. They both look really fun and seem to be perfect for those roles. As mentioned above, I really liked Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot was incredible in that film. She’s by far one of the biggest reasons I’m eagerly anticipating Justice League. And if you go back and listen to our BvS review, you’ll hear me talk about how Ben Affleck’s Batmans was my favorite part of that film. I already like the individual players involved that we’ve already met, but these newcomers look amazing to me. The banter and comradery appear to be top-notch and I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds. (PS – I have no opinion on Cyborg)

So…Justice League also needs a Superman and I’m guessing the Man of Steel shows up at some point in the film. I like Henry Cavill in the role, I’ve mostly been mixed on the writing of the character to this point. I’m interested, however, to see how his “death” affects Lois Lane – something we saw a glimpse of in the last trailer. I hope the film fully realizes that in Lois, as it could be an interesting dynamic that we have yet to see in a superhero film of this caliber.

The last thing I want to touch on for Justice League is its (new) composer Danny Elfman. I understand that a lot of people were upset when Junkie XL was kicked off the project, and I can sympathize, I love him as well. But I do want to stand up for Elfman, who has made a name for himself as one of the better composers working today. His score for Big Eyes is vastly underrated, he did great work on the animated Epic from a few years ago, as well as Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie. This is also the same man who gave us the iconic Spider-Man theme in the Sam Raimi films, the iconic Batman theme in Tim Burton’s film and he composed all of the great music in The Nightmare Before Christmas – one of the best animated films of all-time. Hell, he was even nominated for an Oscar for his score to Men in Black. So let’s put the pitchforks down and stay calm, Elfman is a solid composer who will bring (ahem) justice to the music for Justice League.

What about you? Are you excited for Justice League?

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