InSession Film Podcast: Women InSession


We’ve been wanting to add diverse voices to the Podcast Network for some time now and born out of that is our new show Women InSession. Each week on the show we will feature a rotating panel of women on our InSession Film team as we dive into all aspects of film. We will cover everything from classic films, hidden gems, new releases, various lists/rankings, and so much more. We hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

Latest Episodes

Episode 12 – Montgomery Clift Special

Episode 11 – Indies, Shorts & Westerns

Episode 10 – Guy Pearce Spectacular

Episode 9 – Alfred Hitchcock in the late 50’s & 60’s

Episode 8 – Alfred Hitchcock in the 50’s

Episode 7 – Alfred Hitchcock in the 30’s & 40’s

Episode 6 – Wild About Kate Winslet (Part 2)

Episode 5 – Wild About Kate Winslet (Part 1)

Episode 4 – Titanic Retrospective

Episode 3 – Westerns From a Feminine Perspective

Episode 2 – A Place in the Sun

Episode 1 – Top 3 Classic Films