Tuesday, June 18, 2024

List: Top 3 Movies We Want Sequels To

This week on Episode 227 of the InSession Film Podcast, inspired by our review (or rant) of Transformers: The Last Knight, we decided to offer up our thoughts on Hollywood’s current case of Sequelitis; rather than constantly milking franchises such as Transformers among others, why not talk about movies we actually want to see sequels to? Which is precisely what we did here. There are so many films we are either emotionally tied to subjectively that we’d love to see continue, or perhaps there are films that actually require sequels in some way; we touch on all of the above during this discussion.

On that note, what movies would make your list? Here are the one’s that made ours:

*Keep in mind we have different criteria for each of our lists*


1) District 9
2) The Nightmare Before Christmas
3) City Lights / Modern Times


1) Ratatouille
2) Everybody Wants Some!!
3) Inside Out


1) Jumper
2) Kick-Ass 2
3) Chronicle

Honorable Mentions (Combined)

Hancock, Ender’s Game, Dredd, The Truman Show, Pulp Fiction, The Iron Giant, Speed Racer, Point Break, Zombieland, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Boyhood, Galaxy Quest, The School of Rock, The Commitments, Once, The Sandlot, The Nice Guys

Hopefully you guys enjoyed our lists and if you agree or disagree with us, let us know in the comment section below. This was quite a fun, yet cathartic list to make, as it gets into some of the issues of Hollywood’s obsession with corporate filmmaking, something we dive further into on our segment of Let’s Rethink This. That being said, what would be your Top 3? Leave a comment in the comment section or email us at [email protected].

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