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Featured: New trailer for Logan shows film to be devastating, honest and exciting

Featured: New trailer for Logan shows film to be devastating, honest and exciting

As all you probably know, 20th Century FOX / Marvel released a new teaser trailer this morning for Logan, the last film to feature Hugh Jackman as the popular character of Wolverine. As you may also know, we are currently in the middle of our Harry Potter Movie Series on the show, so we don’t have any extra space at the moment to discuss new trailers in audio form. But we have thoughts on this trailer, so we are going to divulge them here. Below are both my (JD) thoughts as well as Brendan’s thoughts on the new trailer for Logan.

JD’s Thoughts:
Wolverine is a very popular comic-book character, so it made sense to me why they would want to start a series of standalone films feature such an iconic superhero. However, Origins: Wolverine turned out to be something nobody wanted. The Wolverine had its moments but in the end, we found that film rather disappointing too. So, the announcement of a third standalone film didn’t excite us too much, that is until now. Hugh Jackman has always been stupendous in the role, whether it be the X-Men films or his own movies, and Logan may be his best outing yet. This trailer is heartbreaking, authentic, honest, gritty and exciting, all in one experience. Jackman looks in top form, as does Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X. You add in the dynamic of this little girl, played by Sienna Novikov, and the potential for this film has skyrocketed for me (PS, the poster for this film is incredibly emotional for me too). The music for this trailer is also perfect, setting the tone masterfully, which couples very well with the imagery James Mangold gives us. Yeah, mark me down as excited.

Brendan’s Thoughts:
Wolverine and Professor X get dropped into what looks like Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, and all the better for it. As a result, this does not look or feel like your typical X-Men film; instead, James Mangold looks to be bringing a surprising authenticity and richness this universe doesn’t necessarily need, but more than welcomed nonetheless. Logan looks devastating, cruel, honest, but still exciting, and the inclusion of Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” (originally by Nine Inch Nails) compliments this tone beautifully. Lump in a central child figure, giving this film a possible familial theme, and we are all in. If this is truly Wolverine’s final outing, Mangold and Jackman seem to understand that the character needs to go out on a sad, yet exciting high.

What did you think of the new trailer for Logan? Let us know in the comment section below.

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