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Featured: Anticipating ‘The Fate of the Furious’

Featured: Anticipating ‘The Fate of the Furious’

The Fate and the Furious is not only the eighth film in the franchise, but it’s the third that we have covered on the show since launching InSession Film. Meaning – it’s the first time that we have covered a full “trilogy” as it happened in real time. We have, of course, talked about The Before Trilogy, Star Wars and other properties as part of our Movie Series segment, but The Fate and the Furious is a small milestone that is nostalgically interesting to me.

By now you know exactly where you sit with the Fast and Furious films. You either have fun with their absurdity or they’re simply not for you. The Fate and the Furious isn’t going to do anything to change that for anybody. In fact, it’s insanity is only going to amplify that divide for most audiences. At this point, I feel like their next move is to go to space, right? I mean, what else can they do to top cars jumping buildings or racing against a submarine? It’s pure lunacy. But that’s exactly what I love about these films, especially given how the franchise has embraced its crazy antics, while giving these characters a reason to be together.

Speaking of, and I know it has become somewhat of a joke, but the franchise’s ability to make these characters a “family” of sorts is impressive – and it works. The tragedy of Paul Walker is heartbreaking in any context, but for me there’s additional pathos in how Furious 7 was able to crystallize his character because of how the franchise had already established that notion of family among these characters. Even if it doesn’t all work, at least they’re trying, which is something that some action franchises can’t say.

Additionally to all of that, The Fate and the Furious brings back all of the major players, plus the addition of Charlize Theron. It also looks like Jason Stathom – and perhaps Luke Evans – will have a bigger role here as well. At any rate, the cast looks great and I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.

What about you? Are you excited for The Fate and the Furious?

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