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Featured: Anticipating Jackie

Featured: Anticipating Jackie

November 22, 1963 was a devastating day for many, as the world saw the assassination of then U.S. president John F. Kennedy as his motorcade passed Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Many of us, myself included, have seen the home-movie camera footage of JFK’s dreaded assassination as captured by private citizen Abraham Zapruder, known as the Zapruder film. While many talk of that final headshot the film ultimately captured, what devastated me most was not that, it was watching Jacqueline Kennedy’s reaction as she instantly launches over the back of the motorcade (said to be retrieving a piece of her husband’s own skull) while Secret Service agent Clint Hill climbs aboard. With her at the focus, this is why I am truly excited for Jackie.

Jackie is the latest biopic detailing the life of first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, following the events of her husband’s assassination. Those who know of her history will know that this day was the first time she had ever accompanied her husband on a political trip in the United States, and following his assassination she retreating to a period of mourning, referring to her husband’s presidency as that of King Arthur’s “Camelot”. After this period, she became close to her husband’s brother Robert Kennedy, who became a sort of surrogate father figure for the Kennedy children, only to see him too assassinated in 1968, resorting back to a state of depression.

One could argue no one has suffered more than of Jacqueline Kennedy, and through the devastation she still led a proud existence. All of the marketing for Jackie looks to capture both the devastation and prevalence of this historic figure, making it seem like necessary viewing. And with Natalie Portman at the helm, who while hit-or-miss has been known to hit it out of the park when she truly cares, we could be looking at a new classic among presidential biopics. Oscar contender? We shall see.

Here’s what else you can expect at the box office this weekend:


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