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Poll: Which WWII film features the best dogfighting action scenes?

Poll: Which WWII film features the best dogfighting action scenes?

This weekend features the release of Christopher Nolan’s new film Dunkirk, a film that we are crazy excited for and cannot wait to discuss on the show. I’m in particularly excited because the air war of WWII is something that I’ve historically always been fascinated with, and that is a major part of the events that happened at Durnkirk. On top of that, Nolan cast Tom Hardy – perhaps my favorite actor working today – as a British pilot who helps dogfight the Luftwaffe in the film. He put two of my favorite things on the planet into one film! Fangirls may go crazy over Harry Styles in the film, while I will be busy losing it over Tom Hardy in a British Spitfire. Using that as inspiration for our poll this week, which WWII film features the best dogfighting – air to air combat – action scenes?

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