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Featured: The Oscars’ biggest moments

Re-posted with permission from Phoenix Blue Marketing & Advertising:

The Oscars was on last night and there was plenty going around on social media as well. If you watched it, you know there was a lot of fun (and some not so much) things that were tweet worthy. Seth MacFarlane’s opening act was hysterical and jaw-dropping all at the same time. And you can bet it was trending quite a bit. I’m actually surprised that “We Saw Your Boobs” didn’t trend longer than it did. I, for one, didn’t expect to see that one. While MacFarlane did pretty well, there were a few jokes that didn’t go so well (i.e. his awful Lincoln joke, which led to ton of tweets such as the one below).

@BuzzFeed: Funny joke, Seth


I did like how MacFarlane recovered from that one, however. Overall, he did well and there was plenty of buzz about his performance.

Anne Hathaway’s dress was also a social media craze last night. If you saw her dress then you know what I’m talking about and I’ll just leave it at that. Her award for Best Actress was well deserved and that seemed to take more center-stage than her wardrobe, which was the right thing.

After flashing through the most memorable 007 clips for the 50th anniversary of the franchise, Shirley Bassey gave an amazing performance, which sent Twitter into a nice roar. It was one of the better moments of the night and there was plenty of positive tweets going around. Loved seeing the nice Bond tribute.

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One of my favorite trending things of the night was Quvenzhané Wallis. While she didn’t win for Best Actress, it was great to see her nominated and she was adorable last night. She was great and every time the camera panned to her, she threw up her arms and seemed to be having a great time.

One of the bigger moments of the night was when Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the way up to receive her award for Best Actress. While it may have been embarrassing, she played it off well and was very fun with it. Twitter had a heyday with it though. According to Twitter, there were 71,600 tweets about Lawrence and many were about her falling down. There were also several GIF’s being passed around as you could imagine. I personally thought she was cute and handled herself well.

Jennifer Lawrence Fall

Image credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Believe it or not, Jaws had a bigger Oscars’ night last night than the year it came out. Every time a winner was being long winded in their speech, they would play the Jaws theme song to rush them off the stage. While it was kind of funny, it also seemed kind of rude. It led to many, many tweets though as it trended on Twitter most of the night. One of the more popular tweets was Piers Morgan:

The Jaws music cut-off for long-winded acceptance speeches is the greatest addition to awards ceremonies ever. I’d add real sharks.

Michelle Obama also made a nice surprise that sent Twitter in a spin as well. It was very unexpected and left people with a lot opinions. Regardless of your politics, I thought it was a nice touch. According to Twitter, there were 85,300 tweets about the First Lady.


The top social media moment of the night was Adele’s performance of Skyfall, which was abolutely amazing! I was discussing with my friends last night that it seemed that we like the live version better than we did the recording for the movie. She was incredible! And Twitter thought so as well. There were 82,300 tweets per minute during her performance, which takes the top Oscar moment.

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There were plenty of other big moments. I personally loved the cast of Les Mis on stage peforming a piece from the film. What was your favorite moment of the night?

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