Sunday, June 23, 2024

Episode 587: Going My Way

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This week on the InSession Film Podcast, we continue our Best Picture Movie Series with Leo McCarey’s 1944 Oscar-winning film Going My Way! We also discuss this year’s Cannes Film Festival winners and once again we try to decipher the box office woes of 2024.

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– Opening Discussion (0:45)
We open the show this week with JD talking about his recent trip to Walt Disney World and celebrating his 10-year wedding anniversary. 

– Cannes Winners / Box Office Woes (9:49)
In this segment, we talk about this year’s Cannes Film Festival winners and why Anora talking the Palme d’Or is extremely exciting. Sean Baker rules and this win has us really hyped up for his latest. And as usual, the box office discourse continues to be exhausting, and the Memorial Day weekend did nothing to remedy the recent woes. We, of course, felt the need to dive further into that once again. 

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– Best Picture Movie Series: Going My Way (53:03)
We continue our Best Picture Movie Series in the 1940s with Leo McCarey’s 1944 Oscar-winning film Going My Way! Given the context of the time, this is a pretty bizarre winner. Not because it’s bad (we do debate its quality), but because 1944 was such a pivotal year for the War. And after discussing Miniver and Casablanca, two films that are heavily influenced by the conflict, Going My Way is the complete antithesis. Which made for a really fun conversation.

– Music
Dementus Is Gaining – Junkie XL
Swinging On A Star – Bing Crosby

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InSession Film Podcast – Episode 586

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JD Duran
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