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Featured: Best movie music of 2013 (so far)

Everyone knows that some of the best parts of any film is the music. In 2013, there’s been some really great movie music and scores that have made this year fun in terms of sound at the cinemas. So I decided to compile a list of some of the best music used so far this year in film. There’s several different genre’s and every one has so many strong contenders. These are in no particular order but I will start out with some of my personal favorites.

We Own It – 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa

This song by itself is really great. If you’re not a fan of rap, then maybe you’ll be turned off, but even if you’re not I still think you can like this. It’s mostly clean and the way it was used in Fast 6 was amazing. The movie opened with footage from all the previous movies while this song played over top of it and it was a ton of fun. It really set the tone for the film. T

Summer Wine – Nancy Sinatra, Lee Hazlewood

Stoker is absoultely one of my favorite movies of the year so far, and it was definitely in my Top 5 at the mid-way point. Summer Wine is a great song that really made the film fun for me too. While the movie had a lot of great music, this song is the best for me.

That Snail is Fast

Ok, so maybe this one is a bit cheesy but it’s still a lot of fun. Turbo is the most underrated movie of the year so far and it’s one nobody saw. And the music makes this movie. Have you ever seen popular videos on YouTube and then someone takes that video and makes a funny song based off that video? Well that’s the basis for this song. So yeah it’s perhaps cheesy but it’s still fun.

Here’s more context for it:

Spring-BreakersGoin In – Birdy Nam Nam and Skrillex

If you haven’t seen Spring Breakers, then what are you waiting for? This movie is full of great music that is scored heavily by Skrillex and this song is definitely one of the better one’s for sure. Now, you need to understand that it’s Spring Break we’re talking about. So a heavily influenced dubstep mix with heavy party beats is necessary. This may not be for everyone, but it’s still really great.

Finale (William Tell Overture) – Hans Zimmer

It’s time for a little change of pace. And by pace, I mean ten minutes of non-stop intense on-the-go score from Hans Zimmer. The only good part of The Lone Ranger was the last 20 minutes and it was heavily influenced by Zimmer’s amazing Finale track which is his version of the William Tell Overture. It’s perhaps the best score of the year in my mind and this is a great stamp on it. It’s so good.

Backstreet’s Back – Backstreet Boys

Anyone else able to go back into the 90’s during This is the End? Love em’ or hate em’, this was an amazing use of this song.

There’s Only One Gary King – Osymyso’s Remix

I think it’s safe to say that The World’s End is one of the better films of the summer, and while the music was the biggest stand out worthy piece about the movie, it dad have one track that’s amazing. And this remix is really great. It features lines from the movie and really puts you back in the seat when you watched in the first time.

The Way, Way Back – Rob Simonsen

Rob Simonsen’s score and music for The Way, Way Back was incredible. It’s amazing light rock music that is soothing and was perfect for that film. I’d highly recommend giving it a listen whether you saw the film or not.

Pain and GainPain & Gain Score – Steve Jablonsky

It’s my boy! Steve Jablonsky is perhaps my favorite composer out there and for good reason. I think Pain & Gain is a movie that was hated on mostly because people hate Michael Bay, but Jablonsky’s score makes this film incredibly recognizable. The low-key guitar strings stand out and it’s really freakin good.

Ok, well I could discuss a lot more than what’s here. There’s been some really good stuff that I haven’t mentioned but this is definitely some of the best one’s of the year so far. However, there are more scores and songs that need to be mentioned.

– The score to Iron Man 3 was perhaps the best for any Iron Man movie.

– Hans Zimmer score was amazing in Man of Steel. While I didn’t care for the movie and a lot of people criticize him for his perhaps predicable scores, they work. And they work well. It’s really good stuff.

Ramin Djawadi’s score to Pacific Rim was incredible and added a great touch to a really fun film. This was very electric guitar heavy and it was very good.

– Everything Henry Jackman touches now-a-days is amazing. People may not have liked Kick-Ass 2 but his score is hard to argue with.

– And we can’t forget M83 doing the score to Oblivion. It may not have gone the way he wanted, but it still turned out great if you ask me. It’s what you’d expect from him and it’s very good, especially the closing title track.

– Cliff Martinez’s score for Only God Forgives was the only thing redeeming about that movie.

Well I’m sure I missed some, so let me know your thoughts. What’s your favorite song or score from this year?

JD Duran
JD Duran
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